The worship of heaven

Raelynn Parkin July 24, 2019

Comprehending what happens in heaven when we worship God wholeheartedly

worship of heaven

Worshiping God makes one enter into the Holy of Holies. In the book of Revelation, a theme that’s difficult to understand is that of the people of God on this planet worshipping alongside the people of God in Heaven (Chapter 5, verses 11-14). Even the book of Ephesians has a similar theme (Ephesians 2:6) where Paul tells humans as being seated in the “Heavenly places”. To understand worship of heaven on earth, Hebrews 12:22 can also be quoted where people are told that they have arrived at Mount Zion and the living God’s city, the Heavenly Jerusalem, where countless angels have gathered to celebrate. Those wondering about the meaning of worship in heaven and why on earth it matters should take a cue from these scriptures to understand what it means to go to a church. In fact, worship of heaven on earth refers to the worship of God in church.

Setting foot in a church isn’t just about entering a building or attending a gathering with other believers. Rather, it’s about abiding in God wholeheartedly to open doors through worship while aiming for reverence and joy to be able to enter into the Holy of Holies. The church is like God’s heavenly throne room and by worshipping here, people can get closer to Him spiritually. Those still seeking the answer to what happens in heaven when we worship should know this – from understanding how to carry God’s glory and breaking strongholds in life to enjoying  a close worship experience with Him and giving greater meaning to life, worship can pave way for all these and much more.

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What worship in heaven means for you? Let me know in the comments section below. To let the conversation flow, reach me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. To know more about worship in heaven and how to practice it, make sure to take a look at my book The Heavenly Worship Room.


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