The Vine and the Branches John 15

admin July 10, 2019

Comprehending the relationship between humans and God via the allegory of the vine and the branches

John 15 uses the allegory of the vine and the branches. Here, Jesus uses a vine tree to explain God’s economy, and designates himself as the “true” vine while calling the Father to be the husbandman (which refers to the vinedresser or farmer). What these words indicate is that the Lord is the source of the vine tree. It was He who planted it, nurtured it and was even its sunshine, soil, and air. The vine is the Son, who is the incarnation of the Father. All that the Father has, is and does gets wrapped in this vine.

Humans are also a part of this vine tree and The Vine and the Branches John 15:1-17 (NIV) calls them the tree’s branches. Thus, the branches refer to the true believers. Just as the branches of a tree get nourished by the vine, Jesus is the source of life for His true believers. If a branch gets separated from the vine, it won’t live or bear fruit. The same way, humans with no connection to Jesus won’t have any spiritual life or get salvation. However, those who abide in him will have the hope of eternal reward and get His guaranteed security like every other child of God is bestowed with. Thus, The Vine and the Branches John 15 imply that a true believer will experience the Spirit flowing through him/her. Those looking for vine and branches John 15 meaning should remember that humans are vital to Him, because without the branches (true believers), He (the vine) won’t get a way to be expressed completely.

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