The King is Coming!

admin July 31, 2019

Comprehending what the Bible says about return of the king and why you need to be extremely happy and ready

King is Coming

Zechariah 9:9-10 asks people to rejoice greatly as Jesus – the King is coming. During His first coming, Jesus arrived as the humble, suffering servant, and yet possessed an unmatched calmness and wielded complete authority over all people. This time too, the return of the king is prophesized to benefit the people. He has the people’s best interests at heart. However, it becomes important that people surrender to him completely and spiritually, and admit that they have sinned and that they are unable to get free from the shackles of sin, which can destroy them. By abiding themselves in Him, and rejoicing at His arrival, they will ensure that they get the benefits He offers. After all, God is coming to dwell among His people.

Matthew 21:1–11 also talks about the coming of Jesus to Jerusalem as the sacrificial lamb. It indicates that the King will return again to help in the humanity’s salvation. According to Ezekiel, the King will return through the east gate and his glory too will return to the Temple through the east gate. It’s expected that everyone would rejoice greatly on hearing the King is coming. Yet, a handful may think how they can be happy when there’re so many problems in their personal lives and even in the world. The answer lies in having faith in Him and living by clutching that unshakeable faith. It’s important to hold onto the faith and the hope of His coming, which will fill all true believers with great joy, even when they are in the midst of trials and tribulations in their lives.

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