The Bride of the Lamb Revelation Chapter 21

admin July 17, 2019

Comprehend Revelation chapter 21 and you will be able to tell who the lamb’s bride refers to

The Bride of the Lamb Revelation

Those not sure who’s the Bride of the Lamb Revelation 21 should try to comprehend what the scripture says. John was shown the Lamb’s wife but what he saw was the new Jerusalem (Revelation 21:2,9). This indicates that the new Jerusalem and the bride of Christ denote the same thing. On seeing the new Jerusalem, John finds her ready and decked up for her husband (Revelation 21:2). However, it’s important to understand the deeper meaning of chapter 21 since John isn’t just talking about a physical heavenly city. Rather, when talking about the Bride of the Lamb, his vision combines symbols and metaphors that reinforce the basic point – that the God’s home is now among the people, and He will stay with them. Thus, in a way, the reference to the bride and the marriage of the lamb indicate the intimacy of God with his people, and stands for the congregation of Christ who are righteous and His true believers.

While interpreting the Bride of the Lamb Revelation 21, it becomes important that true believers see themselves as Christ’s bride, and behold Him and his likeness so that He gets reflected in their countenance, for the cloak has been removed from the eyes of these believers, thus making them see Him clearly, face-to-face. The Lamb’s bride is a mirrored reflection of His glory and radiance. And as He approaches, the entire earth would be filled with His glory as it shall arise with the bride, the church, and herald the coming of the Lord.

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