Who Holds the Key of David?

admin October 10, 2018

Answering God’s Priestly Calling


What’s our calling?

Over the course of our lives, we sometimes think that there is more to life than what we are doing. To fill that longingness, we travel, we experience something new, gain new perspective, learn new skill, hoping to find the answers in places that we go. And when we’ve done all soul-searching, we realize that we still can’t pinpoint that longingness to be more than who we are.

It is in that moment, the moment when we run out of ways of discovering our purpose that we are reminded by God to come to Him in full trust that He alone can give us the answers. It is in worshipping Him in the most unguarded and unreserved way that we truly find what we are looking for.

Thankfully, when God calls, he does not look based on worldly standards, he looks at the heart of the person, his readiness, and the right timing of things.

However, many are called but few are chosen. One of the highly chosen ones is David.

David is dubbed as the man after God’s own heart. The youngest among the kids of Jesse, who were anointed by God to be king. He single-handedly killed Goliath and immediately won the hearts of the people of Israel. This caused Saul, the king at the time, to be jealous of his fame. He was out to kill David but failed to do so. To cut the long story short, Saul was killed in the battle and David was made king, fulfilling the prophecy.


God could’ve picked the strongest, handsomest, most influential, and most experienced warrior to be the ruler of Israel, but he chose David, a young shepherd who plays music and often overlooked son among his brothers. But what sets David among all men is that David loved God with an intensity like no other. For God, that was enough. And with that, he was called the man after God’s own heart—a prophet, a psalmist, a ruler, a priest.

Because of his faith and humility, David was granted a key that opens the new function and ministry of priesthood of prophetic worship. David held this key which paved way to the new age, the New Testament, the birth and reign of Jesus. He was a prototype of the prophet, priest, and king that Jesus came to establish in his church, the royal priesthood, in the order of Melchizedek.

Again, God did something unimaginable. Jesus was born in the lineage of David but of a carpenter father and a young virgin mother. He was wrapped in cloth and straws in the manger, surrounded by animals and . . . shepherds! He did not come by lightning, with armies of angels, or in a fortified castle. He was born poor and cold with only a few fortunate people witnessing his coming in the world.

Jesus lived pleasing God and died saving His people. He is the New Testament as he holds the key of David. Revelations 3:7 says, “To the angel of the church in Philadelphia write: These are the words of him who is holy and true, who holds the key of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.”

God truly moves in mysterious ways. Both David and Jesus, at first, did not meet the world’s standards. But their names marked the history and the hearts of every believer forever. It is truly a humbling experience.

It is the same with everyone who are called to do God’s will. It is not always the talented, the handsomest, the bravest, and the strongest whom God will pick to be great among men. I believe that the heart that is fully dedicated to love and serve God is the heart that is what God needs in His kingdom.

Like David and Jesus, we should always go back to the basics, to the foundation of our faith. Let us be always fueled with love for God as we worship Him amidst our flaws and shortcomings.


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