The Heavenly Worship Room

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Worshipper and author Dr. Raelynn Parkin uncovers a timely revelation about Jesus Christ and the final hour of the church. The Heavenly Worship Room is a book that will deepen readers’ worship experience.

Dr. Parkin walks them through the three tabernacles: the Mosaic, the Davidic, and the full Revelation of Jesus Christ. They will discover and better understand the Tabernacle of David and its relevance in the milieu of today’s church. The author also sheds light on the Feasts of Israel and the fulfillment of its prophecy in the life of Jesus Christ. Throughout all this, readers will see how glory returns to the church as promised by God, traversing all denominations, regions, and countries.

“I believe this revelation is of the greatest significance to the Church of Jesus Christ today, uniting both the Church and the Historical Jewish Lineage in our time. There is only one thing the Lord wants to build and restore in the earth, the Tabernacle of David, and what resides there,” Dr. Parkin tells readers.

While stressing this book’s significance to the modern church, it also serves as a signpost for the Jewish believer.

The Heavenly Worship Room
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Dr. Raelynn Parkin

About the Author

An ordained worship leader, speaker, author, and recording artist, Dr. Raelynn Parkin is the cofounder of Bride Song Ministries.

When she was four, her mother taught her the basics of piano. This nurtured her passion for music and compositions, and she continued to share her love for worship with her family and the Body of Christ.. She was ordained as a minister of the gospel in 2003. Dr. Parkin is also the author of Unlocking Worship and Conversations: Bride Songs and Psalms to the King. She continues leading worship and speaking at events around the Houston area.

She and her husband host The Lord’s Bridal Company, which are intimate home meetings that help foster personal encounters with the Lord through worship.


There was Glory in the things that Jesus said and did and he also left us a pattern for his newly birthed church. There was Glory in His Word as well, waiting to be discovered.

Moses saw the original, the blueprint, the pattern which is a copy and a shadow of what is in Heaven. He had a Heavenly design and was commanded to do precisely according to the pattern he was shown on the mountain. God was the original architect and he personally led Moses on a guided tour in the model home that was in Heaven.

We are a nation of priests, called Holy by God, chosen and set apart from all others, belonging to God. If we are the Body of Christ, then we are a Body of priests, a royal priesthood who displays the Glory of God, manifesting His Light into the darkness.

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